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Rewire Your Brain, Reclaim Your Health, Reconnect To Your Vital-Side™

We Can Rewire Our Brains For Balance

Rewire Your Brain. Reclaim Your Health. Reconnect To Your Vital-Side™.

In Vital-Side, we believe in life optimization—not limitation. That means having the freedom to do the activities you love, eat the foods you enjoy, and choose who it is you want to be.

You may be feeling limited by chronic symptoms today, but we can work together to gradually shift your thoughts, emotions, and your physiology to bring greater possibilities into your present reality.

We are wired for protection by nature, but we can rewire our brains and bodies for balance. We can begin to find relief from chronic symptoms of anxiety, fatigue, pain, sensitivities, and stress, and ultimately come into greater harmony with ourselves and the world around us.

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Vital-Side Courses

Rewire, The Vital-Side Membership

This is an annual membership that includes a comprehensive, 5-module virtual course designed for people experiencing chronic symptoms and chronic conditions. Learn the structured (yet flexible) protocols to develop your daily brain retraining practice and calm the chronic stress response, so you can start to connect with your body's natural resilience. You'll also learn the neuroscience behind making positive changes to your brain, and you'll leave with a simple practice to access peace and ease in your body. Throughout the course, you'll learn quick, guided state changers, as well as a 15-minute mental exercise you'll be completing every day for about 6 months. Your membership will grant you access to a private member forum, one week of free access to our recorded or live group sessions, private sessions with Lindsay, & more!

Elevate, Brain Retraining 2.0

Prerequisite: 3+ months as an active brain retrainer inside Vital-Side or another brain retraining program. This is for brain retrainers who want specific information on how to re-invigorate their daily practice because they feel stuck, unmotivated, or stagnant in their practice. Designed to be completed in as little as 6 weeks or as long as 3 months, you'll learn to improve your visualization skills, incrementally train to reach your goals, and add play to your practice to make it light, fun, and full of purpose. This is a great substitute for private coaching sessions, and you'll have access to a private forum where you can connect with brain retrainers all over the world from all different programs.

Regulation Station

Prerequisite: 6+ months as an active brain retrainer inside Vital-Side or another brain retraining program. Now that you have your practice personalized to reflect your purpose & values (via Elevate), it’s time to maintain your autonomic nervous system regulation as you acclimate to your new life. Regulation Station offers a database of state changers (all 7 minutes or less) for the morning, afternoon, and nighttime that are updated monthly. In this subscription, you'll meet with us live every 3 weeks to go through a requested & relevant topic on how to maintain your retraining practice. You'll also be part of a wonderful community in a private forum, so you can maintain all the positive changes you have made to your brain.